My Everyday Carry

Chris Ward
New Lenox, IL
This is my off duty, everyday carry. Not shown is my Glock 19 and holster. I don't feel it needed to be in the picture. I did not want my firearm the first thing noticed or the thing that defines me. Although I strongly believe in self preservation and the protection of my family and self is a matter of the utmost importance, using your brain before bullets is paramount. I welcome all questions, comments, and criticism (constructive). Thanks in advance.

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Gerald Woller ·
Nice EDC setup! I don't think any rational person would define you either way by you showing your Glock 19. Other than it might make you a Glock fanboy. Sorry, I couldn't resist. I carry a Ruger SR9c myself.
Chris Ward ·
I will admit, I am a Glock fan. Simple and effective. Thanks for the comments.
Great looking watch!
James ·
Love my ProTac 2L
Peter Mai ·
Great EDC Chris! Do you carry the gear that doesn't fit in your pocketin a small bag

P.S. awesome homemade paracord bracelet as well
Chris Ward ·
Thanks Peter, everything I carry is a pocket. I do have a work bag that obviously has a lot more. I just may have to do that next...

Oh, and thank you very much on the paracord comment!!
If you don't smoke, why carry a lighter? And what do you use a sharpie for?
Douglas ·
MJ, I'm not trying to answer for the OP but I know in public service we end up writing on some "odd" surfaces and a Sharpie works great. I always have one on me.
I used to be a huge fan of sharpie till I tried a Staedtler Lumocolor. I won't be going back to sharpie ever!! Try it if you get the chance..
Chris Ward ·
@MJ - Correct, I do not smoke, however, I do like to be prepared, and you never know when you may need a lighter. It is small enough and never notice it is there. As for the Sharpie, Douglas nailed it. There are just some things a ball point pen will not write one.
@Mo - Don't think I tried the Staedtler Lumocolor, I will have to give it a try. Thanks for the heads up.