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Central coast, CA
These are the items in my pockets on the regular. Nice and lite. Like I stated in my last post, I get uneasy if I leave the house without a knife, lighter, light and multi tool. The ps4 trades off with my wing man if the day might require it. Everything else stays the same. iphone 4s took the pic.

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Covering the essentials! I go with a Gerber Dime, Streamlight Nano and Infora FireStash all on my keychain to hit 3 of those 4 points.
Nice! I been thinking about picking up one of Dimes, I hear good things.
I really like this. I feel the same way; knife, lighter, flashlight, and tool. Great stuff!
Great EDC. I carry a Case knife also. I love that brand. They make great quality knives.
Thank you! Yea case makes a solid pocket knife. Super sharp out of the box. And made in the good ol USA!