CRKT Hootenanny

CRKT Hootenanny

Don’t let the name fool you, this knife means business. The newest collaboration from award-winning knife designer Ken Onion and CRKT, the Hootenanny brings several high-end features to a shockingly affordable blade. The Hootenanny features a flipper deployment system with CRKT’s oversized IKBS ball bearing system. This means that the knife is quick, smooth, and easy to open with one hand. The index finger choil and ample jimping seen on the blade's spine and handle ensure precise blade control. The unique two-tone aesthetic isn’t just for looks — the metal frame of the knife has an integrated lock to keep the blade safely in place and away from your fingers. The all-new Hootenanny combines the best features of a hunting knife with the convenience and size of an everyday carry blade.


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Own one !! other than the blade steel, I have no complaints what so ever. Ergo is superb, very thin profile and which carries well in pocket, what's not to love?? Ah!!! and the unique " Ting" sound when you open the knife make is a great knife.