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The Kattee messenger bag has ample interior space without being overly bulky. The canvas and stitching is durable enough for every day lugging into work and stuffing into my locker. Numerous pockets, including a small zippered pocket inside, provide plenty of places to securely stash smaller items, and when traveling I swap some of theses items out and use it as a discrete camera bag. I attached a small carabiner to the shoulder strap for quick access to keys. Three different Altiods tins organize a variety of stuff that otherwise would get lost in the shuffle. Top left is a Wintergreen Altoids tin (green lid) containing band aids, medicines, and nail clippers. Below that, a Peppermint Altoids tin (red lid) containing duct tape, zip ties, a small sewing kit, and other fasteners. An Altoids Smalls tin is perfect for keeping my earbuds untangled. These fit nicely into one end pocket of the bag. The tape measure, plug adapter, and pen assortment (the pouch idea I stole from this genius: http://everydaycarry.com/posts/4893/Umber-Pocket-Carry) are kept collected in the internal zippered pocket. The Wet Ones ride in one of the covered front pouches with my compact carry Bible. I have a great Bible app on my phone, but as an avid reader, I just like having a book in my hand when reading recreationally. My cased reading glasses ride in the other front pouch. The final end pouch is the perfect place to dump one of my cheap pairs of sunglasses (I used to frequently break and lose more expensive pairs, but oddly I find the dollar store pairs last me years at a time). The main pouch of the messenger bag holds the rest. A local drive-in chain (Swenson's has one of the most amazing burgers in the world) sells gift coins at Christmas in the very useful and oft repurposed velvet bags that I use here for an assortment of throat care "candies". I drink water like... water, so I try to always have some with me. The Camelbak Eddy is slim enough to maintain a low profile on one end of the bag, with the looped lid making for quick and easy removal when I thirst. Notebooks are always handy, and I like the classic look of this one. I find my iPad Mini to be perfect for carrying the volumes of information, forms, e-books, and other entertainment in a super compact package. Small point and shoot cameras have come a long way, and this guy nicely fills he gap between my cell phone's camera and my DSLR (The best camera is the one you have with you!). And there's still room for whatever else I may need to quickly stuff in to keep my hands free.

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DanR ·
I really like the color on your Kattee Messenger Bag! Do you recall the color? Brown, Army Green, Khaki or Coffee? Thanks and great EDC!
Joseph ·
Sorry for the delay! I haven't had time to get on lately.

Thanks for the compliment. The color is Coffee. As near as I can tell, the canvas is so close to the same color as the Brown, I just liked the contrast of the darker leather that came on the Coffee bag.