JetBeam RRT-01

JetBeam RRT-01

JETBeam was one of the first companies to introduce the magnetic control ring interface with their Rapid Ring Tactical series. The RRT-01 updates the original innovative system with modern tech, packing in a CREE XM-L2 emitter that can output 600 lumens on a single RCR123A cell. Its interface is simple but effective, using the magnetic ring to activate and control a stepless brightness setting from 1 to 600 lumens and SOS standby. High-quality components round out its construction, including a stainless steel bezel, HA III aluminum alloy body, and titanium clip. If you're tired of the same old twisty or clicky activation and are looking for a light that's brilliant in its simplicity, then the RRT-01 may be for you.


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I'm absolutely clueless about flashlights but $80 seems a little bit pricey for me for me!
Magnetic ring lights generally fetch a higher price because of how unique the system is. It's really convenient to use, though, especially if you don't want to mess around with complex modes. :)
Mikey, why you do this man? why?? Now I feel the urge to spend $80 on a flashlight!
Magnetic control ring sounds very interesting. My purse enjoys this site far too much. :)
Why does the seller's pic say 500 max?
Hm, they might have their info wrong. But since then I've updated the link to a cheaper option + Prime shipping.