VolksDangler Keychain System


Managing one's keychain is as much an art as it is a science, and the market has spoken with the number of products on the market to improve its heft and efficiency. Gamble Staempfli has been honing his series of suspension tools on Kickstarter, and the VolksDangler is the latest iteration of his creation. Made of either strong and lightweight titanium or mokume — an alloy made of copper and nickel/silver — the VolksDangler comes with an array of clips, rings, colors, and even glow slots to fully customize your keychain setup. A little under two weeks are left in the campaign, and like the VolksDangler itself, backers have plenty of options for their pledge.

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My Volksdangler arrived yesterday. Must smaller than I had originally thought (good). Have swapped everything over to it and will see how easily it breaks in. Cheers.