My In-Person EDC

Doods Olfindo Dayto
Paranaque Manila
In-Person EDC, the Neck Knife I wear, the folding card knife goes into my card holder and into my right back pocket, the phone and the OLight Baton into my right pocket, the Swiss Army Knife goes into the pant's coin pocket for concealability, the rest clipped into the lanyard and hooked to my left belt loop. What is not shown is my Paracord bracelet i wear daily. I work at night managing a bar, these EDC items gives me some level of peace of mind. Notice too that there is some repetition of almost everything except for the wallet, There's three knives, two whistle (the sheath of neck knife has one), two light source, there's two gig SD card of my data in the card holder to back up no. 4, there's also extra 2K pesos folded inside card holder, ink refill tube cut short and taped inside card holder as "back up pen, and the two carabiners. Now am thinking of buying that micro-mini phone ha ha. This is due to the dictum of preppers that "two is one and one is none". Hope this text revision helps.

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Francis Leynes ·
Nice one Daddy Doods! :D