Google Engineer Carry

Robert Love
Boston, MA
My everyday carry is geared toward urban life. I live in Boston and work in Cambridge. Not this awful winter, but when the weather is agreeable I walk to work. What I carry is mostly about what I can stuff in my pockets.

Friends find the newspaper surprising. Who reads physical newspapers anymore? I do. I love 'em—the smell, the touch, how you digest the news differently in broadsheet form than online. I read both the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.

I enjoy coffee. When I'm walking around the city, it is usually with a cup from a local coffee shop in my hand. At work, we recently got this fantastic barista bar (I know, tough life) so I'm covered there too.

For technology, I have an Apple 13"" Retina MacBook Pro as my laptop, a Google Nexus 5 for my smartphone, and an Amazon Kindle Voyager for e-books. I'm not particularly allegiant to any platform.

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