Nomad Analyst EDC

Nathan Beers
Analyst (age 32)
Greenville, South Carolina
I am a home-based analyst, and most days I walk or ride my motorcycle down to a park or coffee shop to work. I have everything I might need in this bag for work or play and it all weighs in at less than 13 lbs.

A few notes on these items:

-I ALWAYS have the Architect Wallet (with Space Pen and Moleskine notebook), iPhone with case, and Leatherman on my person. The rest still comes with me everywhere I go, but could be 10-15' away at any given time. I have Tile locators on my bag, bluetooth speaker, and glasses case (this last one has been a real lifesaver!)

-I searched for years for a bag to replace an old satchel I'd sewn back together half a dozen times over the past 10 years and finally settled on this Bluboon Backpack. I love the style, it's fairly small while still able to carry everything I need, and it cost less than $40! I have had to strengthen a few of the stitches, but it's worth it!

-The Maxpedition Micro Pocket Organizer contains toiletry and first aid hand items.

-The 145g Discraft is by far the best small size frisbee I have ever used. It flies as well as a regulation size 175g disc, but saves space in my bag.

-The Eno Sub7 is a new release hammock that weighs just 6.9oz, less than half the weight of their Singlenest. It's perfect for a go bag!

-The Matador is another new find. It's a super compact picnic blanket. Perfect for keeping in my bag and throwing out on some damp grass.

-I've hacked the car keys and mounted a transponder on the steering column so that I can use a plain metal key without the plastic head. This allows me to fit my keys into the super compact True Utility Key Shackle.

-I'll often throw in my AEO Vintage Denim Western Shirt which works great as a stylish and comfortable extra layer when needed.

-Any recommendations on a more compact umbrella?

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Chad Lovelace ·
good stuff - I need to do a bag dump and slim it down a little way to many extras i dont use a lot