Engineering Day Carry

Dayton, Ohio
This EDC contains everything that I need as a mechanical engineer. I use these items sometimes for their intended purpose, sometimes not.

Black Diamond Carbiner: Can be used to tow a car or carry your keys. It's a reliable friend that can open a beer bottle, or lock your keys to a backpack. The Carabiner is something that I've carried since I was 13 and helps me keep my keys attached to my pocket, belt loop, or day pack.

Milwaukee Fastback: An unconventional box cutter than can strip electrical wire, or pry open a beer bottle, is a companion that can also cut carpet, break down a cardboard box, open a letter, or scribe a line in wood, steel, or aluminum. This knife is used as a pair of scissors, or blunted to be a fine tip glasses screwdriver.

Challenge Coin: It can be used to get a free drink if you play your coin right.

iPhone 5: With the Wolfram app I can convert units, solve complex differential equations, look up the population of a country or more. It's a computer in your pocket. Maps, phone calls, texts, and camera. This phone does everything that MacGyver would need if he were stranded in the middle of nowhere or trapped in a basement in a city.

Field Notes Guide and Fisher Space Pen: Takes notes when you need them and how you need them. The pen writes upside down, right side up, under the leg, over the head. It's a great pen that costs little. It fits in my wallet, and having a pen is something that every engineer needs to be useful. Field Notes provides a dotted grid for drawing pictures, making grocery lists, or doodling.

Fit Bit Surge: A decent watch that has helped me lose 20 lbs in 2 months. Tracks my runs, keeps me honest when it comes to motion and tracking calories. Although it isn't waterproof, this watch has helped me get fit and stay fit.

Apple Headphone: pretty much junk, but do the job and came with the phone. I have thought of getting a better set of headphones when I lose these guys, but for some reason they are impossible to lose or destroy. I stuff them in my pocket, jacket, backpack, or desk drawer. They are not expensive and are pretty dang durable.

iPhone Charging Cable and Charger: Keeping a little cable and charger in my cargo pocket or backpack helps me get a charge when I'm stranded without juice. My phone is 2 years old and so is the battery. I used to get a whole day without using the charger; but until I spend the money for a new phone or battery, I'll be carrying this charge cable and charger.

Thanks for looking at my carry, feel free to leave a comment or suggestions.

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