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Spyderco Squarehead

Mikey Bautista
Spyderco Squarehead

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The original Spyderco Dog Tag folder addressed the need for a hardy folder made of high-quality steel you could wear and forget around your neck. It was ready for action when needed, but stayed completely out of the way with its compact form factor. The new C193TI Squarehead designed by engineer Darriel Caston take the Dog Tag's high-performance CPM S30V steel and familiar shape and gives it a beefier sheepfoot blade and titanium handles, supersizing its cutting edge while minimizing its weight. It also uses a new LinerLock-style mechanism to secure the blade while in use, and its wide rear slot gives better carry versatility than the original lanyard hole. Check out the Squarehead if you liked the original Spyderco Dog Tag but need a bit more function to match its form.


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Cd ·
Thats a pretty steep price tag. Might as well spend a little more and get a full sized Spyderco.
mikef ·
Cool idea, but agree with others. Overpriced and one thing I keep asking is "Why?"
Jacob Burnett ·
not my cup of tee
Goran ·
Oh come on... 80+ $?!?!
Vincent Ferrari ·
Ya know, I know that their stuff is high quality and I can appreciate that, but my reaction to the price is identical to yours. At some point it's just a bit much for me.
luke ·