Smaller carry

A collection of fewer things to carry for a more pocket friendly approach.

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Kyle ·
Awesome watch!
Felipe Ortega ·
Love the knife! i cannot find it online.
Where do you get it?
Alex Bancone ·
What do you think of the knife? I can't seem to find anything review wise online for it. Looks like it can open one handed with either hand. Manufacturers website is sparse on details as well, if you don't mind, would you share your opinions on it and share how much it was?
Bard ·
The BF-434 G10 is quite slim and light in the hand and the pocket. It feels solid and the liner lock locks the blade in a reassuring manner. The blade is a 440A grade steel with titanium coating. Maybe not the best steel, but for the price it's okay. There are some slight grooves at the back of the blade for your thumb and the handle fits well in my hand. The knife might feel a bit small if your hands are large, though. I haven't tried to subject it to any heavy duty job. But then again, that's not the task for this type of knife. It is possible to open it one handed with both hands, but I find it's easier to do with the right hand because you get a better grip on it with the clip on the back. I gave about € 25 including shipping (about $28).