June 2015 EDC


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Old school Blockbuster Video Card? Didn't even know they still have any of those around anymore.
There were still a couple open when we moved to Texas about a year and a half ago and while I didn't actually rent anything from there in the end, I keep the card around for nostalgia.
This carry needs an Orange Monster. :)
It's funny because I knew I liked orange as a color but when I laid all this out, I realized it might be a bit much.
Nice challenge coin. I have several from my Navy days. My favorite one is from Vice Admiral Totuschek (Three Star Admiral) who was the Commander of the Naval Reaerve Force around 2002.
Good to see the ITS light! Got one myself.
What do you use your hankie for?
Honestly, everything. My wife hates it most of the time. I'll use it for the obvious, as a pot holder, a way to check the oil in our cars (they leak a bit), a temporary band-aid, a way to prop up my camera when out taking photos.... honestly, just a ton of stuff. It's probably the most versatile thing I have.
Do you keep the field notes in a pants pocket?
Yeah, the Field Notes are in the Stuff Sheath and then always in my back pocket. The Stuff Sheath keeps them from wearing too quickly.