June 2015 EDC

Newark, DE

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J Wahooo ·
Old school Blockbuster Video Card? Didn't even know they still have any of those around anymore.
Mike ·
There were still a couple open when we moved to Texas about a year and a half ago and while I didn't actually rent anything from there in the end, I keep the card around for nostalgia.
Mikey Bautista ·
This carry needs an Orange Monster. :)
Mike ·
It's funny because I knew I liked orange as a color but when I laid all this out, I realized it might be a bit much.
John W Vesey ·
Nice challenge coin. I have several from my Navy days. My favorite one is from Vice Admiral Totuschek (Three Star Admiral) who was the Commander of the Naval Reaerve Force around 2002.
T Christopher Cox ·
Good to see the ITS light! Got one myself.
Chad North ·
What do you use your hankie for?
Mike ·
Honestly, everything. My wife hates it most of the time. I'll use it for the obvious, as a pot holder, a way to check the oil in our cars (they leak a bit), a temporary band-aid, a way to prop up my camera when out taking photos.... honestly, just a ton of stuff. It's probably the most versatile thing I have.
Chad North ·
craig b ·
Do you keep the field notes in a pants pocket?
Mike ·
Yeah, the Field Notes are in the Stuff Sheath and then always in my back pocket. The Stuff Sheath keeps them from wearing too quickly.