Destiny's Every Day Carry

The things I carry with me wherever I go, provided it's cool enough outside to wear a jacket.

The cell phone is a given, I think most people today live on their phones. It's important for checking e-mails/social media on the go and it keeps me in touch with family and business contacts.

I like to carry an extra battery with me wherever I go, just on the offchance I get stuck somewhere and don't have access to a charger. The battery is huge, giving me at least another 50% of life in my phone, if necessary.

My wallet has all of my cards in it. I rarely carry cash, though sometimes I'll have the odd $5 or $10 bill in there.

My car keys are for my car, obviously. There's an extra set of smaller keys for my Glock container.

I'm too small to carry my G17 with me in the summer time, it's far too large. If the weather is cooler and I can my light jacket, it's very easy to conceal it at my side. I know some people like the 19 for carrying vs the 17, but they're both pretty large and the G17 fires better so I saw no reason to compromise.

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