My grown up Boy Scout Carry


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Matt ·
Hi and thanks for the likes and comments. I find the bandana is most handy when a drink gets spilled, but it's a nice alternative to wiping sweat on my shirt when I'm hot too. As far as the flashlight goes it's my favorite I've owned so far. its an amazing balance of size and power, and a great value. My carry will continue to improve and I hope to get some better pictures in the future
Chad North ·
That's a solid carry. Prepared for just about anything. What do you find you use the bandana for mostly? Keep the posts coming!
Michael Mutant ·
Matt, your carry gear is very cool. I like your color selections. Your knife and brass Maratac are great. I own the copper Maratac which is a beauty.. I would love to have the brass one too!
Matt ·
Super psyched I made the main page too!
Sam Nehf ·
Disregard that, I didn't see you already had one in there.
Sam Nehf ·
As a firefighter, I love staying true to the old school feel of brass. I am working on a brass carry of my own, very disappointed that county comm won't have the brass maratac lights until mid August. Wondering how you like yours? Also a suggestion would be adding a brass fisher space pen!
Matt ·
Thanks! I've been carrying, and watching this site for years and finally felt my carry was "worthy" enough to make a submission. I love everything about the brass but the weight. You've gotta have a good belt to keep your pants up with all this stuff in your pockets.
craig b ·
Nice nice and NICE! I really love your setup and style!
Matt ·
It's bulky and definitely heavy compared to the Keysmart I had before it, but I had to have brass. Would love to see a brass Keysmart.
Averym ·
How do you like the keygrip?