My Travel/Weekend + Everyday Carry

Ontario, Canada
This is a combination of items I carry everyday, and items I only carry when I'm away for the weekend or travelling. Some to use for my hobbies, and some for sticky situations.

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Rite in the Rain ·
Nice kit! That's quite the selection of writing utensils you have. I know that the fountain pen will struggle with our water-resistant paper, but how are you finding the rest of the pens?
Sean ·
Thanks. Yes the fountain pens do not work well and although I love my fountain pens I find myself using ballpoints or G2's (0.7mm pencil) with your notebooks. I keep a small Rite in the Rain notebook and Spacepen Bullet in my kayak to write down river run notes and sketches while paddling, works like a charm. Great products.
Fritz ·
That is alot of stuff to haul around weather it's EDC, weekend ot travel. It looks as if you double and triple the items you have. 4 multitools, lots of knives, 10 writing tools, 2 lipbalms, 3 notebooks..etc. if you want to carry that much.... You have good equipment, the mass duplication confuses me??
Sean ·
Well for my "out for errands" EDC I normally opt for the sunglasses, watch, zippo, paracord bracelet, handkerchief, lip balm, and Midori passport with Kaweco Sport Classic.
For extended day trips I take all of the above and the Micro Maxpedition EDC. I find if I have a few notebooks with me I can organize my thoughts much more efficiently. For example I use the Midori for sketching, travel journalling, and an insert for weekly planning. The Moleskine mini notebook I use for ideas and to jot down quick thoughts, and I always like to have a backup on hand. This way I'm not shuffling through multiple notebooks looking for a specific entry. I also love pens and notebooks. I always find myself writing and like having a variety of them on hand.
For a nice weekend trip I'll fill my Ogio bag with all of the above, my laptop, B&W headphones, and an iPod. As for the knives; a nice day hike will require the Leatherman, and a nice beach day may require the SOG.
The redundancy in writing utensils is for ease of use. If I'm sitting sketching I'll use the Faber-Castell, if I need to label something I'll use the Sharpie, and if I'm writing a letter I'll reach for the calligraphy pen to address it.
When I'm in the cottage the Mini Maxpedition will come out, and when I'm on the run the Micro will come with me, I'd rather have a few of certain items rather than shuffle them around between EDC organizers. This way I never forget an item and almost always have an extra on hand for someone else to use.

I do not walk around with all of these items on my person at all times, I merely photographed them all at once for efficiency.
Fritz ·
Sounds good, I was thrown off by so many, yet like items.