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The Adventure Log Notebook

Ed Jelley
The Adventure Log Notebook

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Word Notebooks have made documenting your life even easier with their line of Adventure Log notebooks. These handy books were designed so that you can easily write down and look back on all the exciting things that you've accomplished. What sets the Adventure Log apart from regular lined pocket notebooks is its unique page layout. Each page contains a box for the location, date, companions, and conditions of your adventure, along with several lines for extra notes. You don’t have to be a mountain climber or avid camper to make the most out of these small pocket-friendly books — the ruling is suited for micro journaling everyday life as well. Each pack includes three 3.5” x 5.5” books with heavy stock covers, available in stealthy black or high-vis yellow.


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Wildsau ·
I would have enjoyed an actual picture of that cool layout inside so I don't have to try to imagine it.
Anton Ninno ·
I use the Rhodia mini pocket notebook, staple bound, with 80 graph pages. The paper is high quality and fountain pen friendly. The cover is coated and water resistant. And they're cheap at less than $3.00. Comes in the well-known Rhodia orange or black. I buy 10 at a time and give some as gifts along with my favorite Pilot Varsity fountain pens, which also sell for $3 each. Makes a
Nice for a nice combination. If you like the Varsitu, join our Facebook group for the Pilot Varsity fountain pen. And no, I don't sell either item. We're just a fan group. Over 200 members all over the planet. Really.
more importantly, what's that pen ?
Kip ·
It looks like Fisher Space Pen Zero Gravity, but I'm not positive, I could see the Fisher Space Pen logo on the top. It also looks like one of my favorites the Retro 51.
Michelle Luong ·
It's the Fisher Zero Gravity pen!
Dan Martin ·
Any thoughts on these versus Field Notes?
James ·
Curious to know as well, though it seems like they are almost identical, except Adventure Log has a more specific application. I actually like this idea, you can chronicle trips, vacations, holidays, any period of time worth recording. Then build your 'lil library. Cool.