Giveaway: Urban Carry Bag Essentials

Giveaway: Urban Carry Bag Essentials

Update: Congrats to Brett M, winner of this week's giveaway! Thanks for participating, this contest is now close. Stay tuned for more giveaways here on Everyday Carry.

Who else loves free EDC gear? Every week or so, we'll be giving away prize packages full of interesting gear we get our hands on, or very special single item prizes for you to win!

This week's package includes a cleverly-designed bag for carrying daily essentials, a handcrafted watch, and a whole slew of other essentials to add to your everyday carry.

We’ll run the giveaway for a week. Good luck everyone, and carry on!

Make sure you're logged in, then head over to our giveaway page for your chance to win the following:

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Prize Package Value: $680

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LOL, Rogue wallets sound a lot cooler than "Rouge" wallets
Haha, i'll make a note to get the spelling fixed.
That watch especially.
I have never won anything in my life and this would be an awesome first win!!!!!!!!!#fingersandtoescrossed
This is an all around great package. Thanks to the suppliers!
thank you for this chance :)
I always try to share this on FB and Twitter but it never shows my 10 additional entries.
You'll be rewarded additional entries if one of your friends signs up through your shared links.
Excellent set up, as always. Good luck to everyone who enters!