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Keplero Carbon Fiber Magnetic Wallet

Mikey Bautista
Keplero Carbon Fiber Magnetic Wallet

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New to the minimalist wallet Kickstarter scene, the Keplero carbon fiber wallet aims to set itself apart from the rest with its truly uncommon features. Manufactured out of a single block of 6K twill carbon fiber, the Keplero keeps your cards organized through a unique system of magnetic modules. This keeps the wallet thin, but still customizable to your carry. Its deepest configuration can hold 8 cards, measuring in at 11mm thick and weighing only 60 grams. It’s both sleek-looking and nigh indestructible too, thanks in part to its resilient carbon fiber construction. There's plenty of time to back the Keplero customized to your liking at their Kickstarter campaign below.

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Seth ·
Love that wallet, but as mentioned, the whole magnets and credit cards thing is not great. I'm not sure I would cough up $70+ for a wallet that may well ruin my cards. Too bad though, I love the look. :(
Brent Whichel ·
Check out WOBOWallet.com for another fantastic (Patent pending) Minimalist wallet! Watch the video on their site... unlike anything else out there.
Howl ·
Not crazy about the branding.
Chris Johnston ·
Ummm, aren't magnets and credit cards a BAD combination?
Bernard Capulong ·
I'm not 100% sure, but I think it's only magnets of certain strength. According to their updates page, they're working on a video demo to explain why cards are safe in their wallet.
Mick Orlosky ·
problem is that credit cards demagnetize due to duration of exposure, not strength of magnet -- so they can do a video showing that credit cards still work.. but it wont address the problem of demagnetization for hours/days/weeks of exposure. I'm quite skeptical though I like the idea a lot. Some of the comments on the project also mentioned a previous failed project from the same maker. Be careful.