Road Trip EDC

Spencer Sevy
United States
This was a picture I took before a road trip to Austin last weekend. Before anyone says anything, no I've never used the "knuck" and I probably never will LOL!! But, its super light and fun to carry. Kinda like a high school ring, its pretty useless but sometimes its just fun to have.

Picked up a new power-bank for my phone for a road trip last week, works great! I get a new one every 6 months or so because they stop charging all the way. As far as a much have EDC item goes, I highly suggest you grab a cable jibe micro usb cable (or something similar). Whether it is in your bag or pocket, its small enough to forget about but big enough to fold and plug into a external battery and still use your phone. I bought this one a year or two ago so they probably make way cooler ones now.

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