Afternoon In Texas

Danny Solano
Georgetown, TX
I really like switching my EDC up. Wheres the fun in having the same gear everyday? I can honestly say the most important piece in this picture is that leather wrapped charging cable. Carrying what I enjoy

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Allen ·
That Case Trapper is THE knife I remember from my childhood visits to my family in Mississippi. Everyone seemed to have one. Because of that, I've had one most of my life. Cool to see you list it.
Danny Solano ·
I completley agree!
Mike ·
I like the leather lightning cable. Where did you get it?
Danny Solano ·
Hi Mike.

My Girlfriend got it for me at our Local Target. It's actually a great charger and doesn't tangle
Mike ·
Noah Murdoc ·
Very original loadout, definitely feels like its a piece of your life. i love the pull for adventure tag.
Danny Solano ·
Thanks alot Noah! Sorry for laaaate reply
Noah Murdoc ·
Daneson ·
Awesome shot...thanks for including Daneson in your EDC!
Danny Solano ·
Love your products! I'll be posting this soon on my companies Instagram @pullforadventure & will will absolutely be tagging you guys.