Matt's EDC System

Matt Schuette
St. Louis
This is my EDC System which is tailored for a variety of possible situations and/or emergencies or just a hike through the woods.

90 percent of this EDC is stored in the Rapdom T311 Tactical Messenger Bag which is amazing. The bag goes with me everywhere and stays in the car when its appropriate to do so.

The gear that stays on my body 99.99% is my conceal carry firearm, a Ruger SR9C 9MM. One of two holster styles, the Blackhawk CQC retention holster is used for winter carry or when I wear an over shirt. The primary method of carry is the Horse Leather Crossbreed Supertuck. The Crossbreed holster is extremely comfortable and stands up to much abuse and has done its job very very well, I recommend them highly. The Blackhawk Double Magazine Holster rides on my person when I am wearing an over shirt (its harder to conceal than my firearm) or if not, a cargo pocket.

The SOG Trident is an extremely tough and rugged knife that has an integrated seatbelt or cordage cutter and goes with me everywhere on my person. The other knife that I can recommend highly is the Kabar TDI Law Enforcement Knife. It a very discreet extremely sharp little backup knife. The only reason this knife exists on my person is for defensive purposes and it rides on my off hand side and can be grabbed and used forward or backward with either hand. I carry both knives 100%.

Of course what EDC would be complete without an MVP 3.0 E-Cigarette with a Kangertech Aerotank. The MVP 3.0 is a very well designed E-Cigarette that is capable of charging USB devices as well as be charged by my solar panel, takes about 2 hours in the sun. Last but certainly not least is the Galaxy S5, Love it.

I built this EDC system around redundancy and some of the philosophy of EDC from Youtubers like Nutnfancy and Preparedmind101 go check em out. My kit is an ever evolving system. Each Item works in harmony with the other. The Anker 14 Watt Solar USB Charger will charge my phone. My phone which has tons of books, survival manuals, field guides for the entire United States, pre-downloaded maps of the US, GPS, and much more. A smart phone is an amazing tool when looked at for survival purposes or in emergencies. Soon I would like to include an Anker 20000 mah external battery that will charge my phone and devices many times before going dead. But remember what I said about redundancy? The Anker Solar will charge the backup battery as well, and quite fast too! I also wish to include in the kit a robust medical kit. The bag is not even half full yet, like I said, ever evolving.

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Chris Lee ·
TNP! You pass the gear check.
Matt Schuette ·
Awesome Chris. First time I've seen a reference to TNP on here. So I decided to break cover and go for it ! Glad a fellow TNP'er approves!