The Bang For Your Buck Collection

I'm a designer by trade and founded Rugged Material Travel Goods a few years ago. My personal mission is always to get the most use and value out of things and I made Rugged Material my way to spread the joy.

The items here are the "most bang for your buck items" that I have collected over the last year, and I have them with me every single day!
Here's the list going clockwise starting from top left:
1. Samsung Galaxy S4 Active ( on its 2nd screen after a few 100 foot falls, still going strong)
2. Rugged Material Front Pocket Wallet- Natural Horween Chromexcel leather, available on Kickstarter right now
3. Kershaw Leek- lowest priced American Made assisted open knife I've found!
4. Rokinon 14mm f2.8 wide angle lens to go with my canon dslr. Best prime lens for the money!
5. Leatherman Caribiner and my silverado keys- I only carry the Leatherman Sidekick when in the mountains.
6. Timex Weekender Watch with Rugged Material Chromexcel Nato strap (coming soon). For $25 this watch is amazing and great for rough activities!
7. Parker Jotter Stainless Steel Pen. I sketch a lot with it so I use a fat 1.0 blue tip that allows for a variety of line weights.
8. Good old fashioned Sharpie.
9. @alphaknifesupply titanium fish tool.
10. Fenix E05 2014 flashlight- I use this more than anything because it's so, so handy to have 85 lumens in your pocket with just a AAA!

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Just curious how useful a 14mm prime would be? What kind of shots are you taking? I'm a total gear whore so like twist my rubber arm to buy one lol
I live in Southern Utah so there are always amazing skys and landscapes to shoot. Plus we travel to all the national and state parks we can, so I shoot a lot of landscapes to fuel the wanderlust of our fans! I like this lens for any wide angle shots but it really excels in night sky photography since you have 2.8 f-stop to let a lot of light in. Almost all the landscape shots on the @ruggedmaterial instagram are taken with that lens. Cheers.
I just picked up the Sigma 17-50 f2.8 and friggen love it. That aperture is soooooo much nicer than stock lenses. I might go for a 10-20mm f2.8 next (I do a lot of video work on top of photography so zooms are more preferred)