WATKINS watch - The decision to compete

Alexander Beer
Vienna, Austria
Manufacturing Passion - Distributing Quality. A Chrono Watch with Scratch-Resistant High-Tech Ceramic Rotary Top-Ring.

At watchlovers.club, we love good design and innovation. It's what we do best. We create watches that are functional, and modern, manufactured to the high standards of watch engineering.

Our new WATKINS "Curriculum No8" pledge collection combines all those attributes at a price far lower than watches of this high standard of craftsmanship are offered in today's retail market. Direct to consumer, without any retail markups.

At watchlovers.club we’re always on the go. We run, cycle, walk and get out and enjoy life. Over the years, we have worked on designing a watch that is contemporary, stylish and that is equally at home in the great outdoors as well as at work. May that be the corporate boardroom, a New England Lobsterboat, a Texas cattle ranch....we got the watch you want! Coming up on kickstarter! Starting at wholesale price €149,-


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Mario da Silva ·
Some of us are convinced that THIS Watkins project is a scam. IT sure looks that way only because of their lack of ethical communication with their backers. I recommend you do not write up any more 'fantasy watches when they have not yet been produced. Some backers like myself, do depend on your views and outlook to back these projects, and if it doesn't turn out well like this one, the quality your review pages will be soiled by their failure to produce. You should seek an apology from them, unless you were paid in advance for this good review!
Swooper ·
This is just an ad. What is this doing here?