My every day office carry

Ajax of Telamon
Athens, Greece
This is a low profile every day carry setup. Most other items are in office bag, to include multitool medical kit, iPad mini etc. this is what I would carry on my person.

The LV wallet is a present and it has proven extremely tough and wear resistant!

In the past I would go for a bigger knife like a large Sebenza or a Kasper by Crawford and a bigger light ligke a Surefire L4 Lumamax but they tend to destroy office clothing.

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Doods Olfindo Dayto ·
nice I have a G26 First gen myself, but dont EDC it as we have difficulty securing permit to carry nowadays. That Vanguard really caught my attention. Thanks
Ajax of Telamon ·
It is a good little holster ... the red is a commemorative production run in honor to the memory of its designer Paul Gomez who was a dear friend.
William W. ·
I would like to know more about your opinion about the Vanguard holster?
Ajax of Telamon ·
It is not a holster per se. But it it is the lowest profile secure carry option possible. It was designed by the late Paul Gomez who was a friend. We had done a couple of courses together and the red version was a commemorative production run to celebrate his life.

During the summer I carry the G26 in an Galco ankle holster as it is too hot here to wear a jacker at the office and wearing a shirt untacked is a no go. I carry the Vanguard in my bag as a backup holster to the Galco.

I also use it with suits since it has a very low profile and does not print at all! It is a good piece of kit, very secure and very well made, I do not use is as often as I could but there is no particular reason for that.

Hope this helps.
Jacques Hansen ·
Luxury EDC, a professional.
Ajax of Telamon ·
Thank you sir.