Pocket Dump

Mahrezza F
Jakarta, Indonesia
Just as the title says, This is what mostly goes into my pocket every single day. The rest is either in my pack or my belt. And yes, I always carry a flashlight, but still looking for something that might fits in with this pocket dump setup. I simply love having leather and wood stuff :D

- Glasses : Can't go anywhere without wearing one of these. Got another one as a backup.
- Leather Key Holder : Less rattling, holds more than enough key for me.
- Seiko SNK809 K2 w/ Leather Strap : An affordable automatic watch, bought it after I saw recommendation on this site.
- Zebra F-701 : Cheap, full-metal pen, gotta love how it feels.
- Kershaw Oso Sweet : I'm not a folder guy, got this one for everyday task. Modified it handle with Teak Burl.
- Leather Wallet : 22-Years old leather wallet.

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WallyGator ·
I like the scales on the knife too. Very attractive and changes the whole look of it. I also like the watch. I'm been looking at watches and that will go to the top of the list when I'm ready to buy.
Mahrezza F ·
Indeed it is, my friend did a great job on that one.
Been wearing it for a few months, it's a good watch with an affordable price I must say.
Andrew Anderson ·
That watch looks rally good with the brown leather band. I will have to check out getting a similar setup. How is the band when it gets wet?
Mahrezza F ·
It holds up pretty nicely, you don't really feel it even if it's wet.
Chris Lunsford ·
Impressive hand scales mod on that kershaw
Mahrezza F ·
Thank you, a friend of mine did it for me, and he did a really good job on that :)
Chris Lunsford ·
He machined it I'm assuming?
Mahrezza F ·
For the cutting, yes. But the detailing and some other stuff were done by hand :)