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Video: Benchmade Mini Griptilian Hands-On Review

Ed Jelley

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When you look for a go-to knife recommendation for EDC, the Benchmade Mini Griptilian is bound to come up in your search. It's widely regarded as one of the best EDC knives for your money thanks to its ideal compact size, quality materials and construction, useful blade shape, and excellent ambidextrous locking system. You've probably seen it in other people's EDC photos as well, but photos can only tell part of the story. In this hands-on video, we give you a quick review of the knife, show how it handles in the flesh, and compare it to some similarly sized knives to give you a better idea if it's the right blade for your EDC.


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Blake Rawlings ·
One thing that wasn't mentioned in the review is the LifeSharp service where Benchmade will sharpen and tune your knife at anytime. Also the knife comes with a lifetime warranty.
This is true, but kershaw also has a lifetime warranty as well as free service/sharpening as many times as desired. In my mind making the low price of a kershaw knife such as a ken onion leek just mind blowing.
TonySal ·
...and to replace the scratched up pocket clip, just ask nicely and BMKC will send you a free one.
racquetman ·
I've owned three of them and am currently carrying one as my EDC. Love the customizibility, the quality, and the ambidextrous nature (I'm left-handed) of the knife.

If the knife is a little small for you, just go up to the full size griptilian and you can't go wrong. I carry the mini because the state I live in, in their infinite wisdom, thinks a blade magically becomes deadly the minute it passes 3" in length (don't get me started on how stupid the knife laws are in this country in many states).
Dominic Tran ·
After my last business trip out in the Central North of Vietnam I realized that I seriously needed to upgrade my EDC with some high quality gear. A knife was one of those essential items. I did some research and it didn't take long to discover that the Mini-Griptilian was the right choice for me. Luckily for me they were easy to find here in Bangkok, Thailand. Very happy with my purchase.
WallyGator ·
I really like Benchmade knives. Pricey? Yes but as you said, in this case, you get what you pay for. Are there any negatives about this knife? The only thing I didn't like is the clip. It seems cheap for this quality of knife. I don't know if mine wasn't tempered correctly but it got bent and like a dumby, I keep carrying the knife and it must have fell out of my pocket.
TonySal ·
...and BM would have gladly sent you another if you explained...
no longer in use ·
I love this knife so much. It has served me well.
TonySal ·
Have the same one, love it, although I use a SAK around the office...
Bruce Satow ·
The HK AXIS Mini Folder, Model numbers: 14716BK, 14716SBK, 14716BK-1, 14716SBK-1 , are also made by Benchmark and I feel have a better feel and usability.
Ian C Medina ·
Excellent video! You should definitely do more gear reviews in the future!

I have the Mini RSK Mk1 and absolutely love it. The scales need upgrading soon but for the weight savings the plastic brings it can't be faulted.
Wasim Shah ·
Anything like this for the UK market!?
Elliot Lo ·
Check out the UK Pen Knives by Spyderco. Similarly designed to other Spydercos without the locking mechanism.
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Ripley A ·
Muy bueno el video.
No conocía esta marca y voy a profundizar un poco mas en ella.

Es muy chulo el sistema de apertura a una mano que, para mi, es fundamental. Creo que para considerar una navaja como táctica es imprescindible su apertura a una mano. Si no es así, no seria, al menos para mi, una navaja táctica.

Eiffel ·
Where is this made?
Oregon, US.
no longer in use ·
It's "Proudly Made in Oregon"
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