Belle Isle Walking Work Break

Detroit, MI
Outside of work van key and phone this is the absolute minimum carry while still having a touch of highly functional flare. The Wayfarer is a solid pair of shades, quite literally; while still maintaining light and easy to fold and carry use. The Shinola Benchmade collaboration is light, pretty sturdy, and sharp. It has a great aesthetic with the m390 against the dymondwood.

Never hurts to represent hard local American work, especially goods from the Detroit economic resurgence.

The Pallabrouse I've worn as my only shoes for 6 months straight. I work 6 days a week and for up to 20s at a time driving and doing tree work - they haven't disappointed once.

A good day to take a stroll around Belle Isle.

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Chris Lunsford ·
So Michigan. My bad, there is a belle isle in Richmond Virginia and I thought that's what you meant
Nah man, I live south of the area and drive an hour in from BFE. I work all day in the Detroit Metro Area as a whole.
Chris Lunsford ·
You live in Richmond? I went to LC Bird high school in chesterfield and grew up there. Just recently moved.