My Latest Everyday Carry

Thomas C
London UK
This kit was built to slim down my every day carry load. It consists of 50% everyday tools and 50% outdoor survival. It carries 4 of my credit cards, so the kit is always with me.

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What kind of case is shown on the picture? Is that custom made?
Matthew Del Rocco ·
Pretty awesome card holder you have there. I'll be monitoring its progress. I'd rather see a spot for a space pen as opposed to the true utility pen, though.
I like placing the (house?) key on your leatherman. Did you have to remove a tool to make it fit? Any other modifications than cutting it down to fit?
Thomas C ·
I had to remove the scissors, but as i carry a knife - i didnt mind losing them. I only had to modify the key - filing and a new hole. No other modifications needed - but it would be better if you buy a longer bolt - the key is wider than the scissors - but it just about goes back together.
Well done, great idea.
Tony Romen ·
John Barlow ·
Most consumer keys are thickness-adjustable with a bit of filing/sanding on a flat surface. The critical dimension is the height (of the key 'teeth') and (obviously) the length/spacing.
I like your design I really hope u can release this product I really want to buy it
Elliott Maguire ·
This is hands down one of the best carries I have ever seen. Very sleek, very attractive, and very reliable. I love it.
Florian Ladwig ·
It would have been nice if your website were actually up and running for the credit card holder.
Do all the tools come with the card holder? If yes, that's so on my wish list.
WallyGator ·
Plus 1on that credit card kit, it keeps everything organized and close at hand. Any production dates on it?
Christian ·
I love that survival kit!
That credit card holder is really nice. I'm definitely keeping an eye out for that.