Prometheus Alpha Review

Danville, California
Do you like heavy pens?

Pictured are the Prometheus Alpha pens in both Aluminum and Brass. Did you know that the Brass version @ 2 3/4oz (80g) is more than two times the weight of the Aluminum version @ 1 1/8oz (33g)? Over the last several month of using these pens almost exclusively at school. I can confidently say that the Aluminum version is by far the better performer. I have to stress, that the weight of a pen (along with the refill type) should be the main considerations when buying an EDC pen.

In my testing the aluminum version of the Prometheus Alpha can be used almost indefinitely with out hand fatigue. The brass version on the other hand was only usable for about 10 minutes due to fatigue. The substantial weight/feel although nice at first is a chore once in use. Strain is quickly felt in the middle finger as the majority of the pen's weight lays there in standard writing grip (aka the Tripod Grip).

One other negative aspect I experienced when using the brass version, was a decline in the quality of my handwriting. I felt this happened for the following reason.

The weight of the pen + the slightly top heavy design (when capped) + the fact that the Mont Blanc Fineliner refill requires such little writing pressure = Less control, which in turn translates to worse handwriting.

To conclude the Aluminum version is a great user. The brass version is great for the occasional quick note and signature.

What is your experience with the Prometheus Alpha? Also do you prefer heavy or light pens? Let me know below! ✒️

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