Titanium Goodness

Buster Bones
New London, New Hampshire
Some of the latest titanium goodies that I carry.

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Natty ·
Wow, this is incredible. I love the Chris Reeve knife. They're some of the most beautiful folders I've ever seen.

Really nice EDC.
Matthew Otto ·
How do you like the Inkosi? I have an L25 and I'm thinking of getting the smaller version.
Buster Bones ·
The Inkosi handle felt a little small at first I have big hands. However I gave it a chance and after a couple weeks of carrying it daily... I love it.
Patrick ·
Very nice! But why carry a top?
Buster Bones ·
Keeps my 9 year old busy when were out at a restaurant :)
Very nice EDC!
Buster Bones ·
Thanks Chris. I like your profile pic.
J.S. Leonard ·
Oh my! Nice and clean yet so nasty. Great style my friend.
Buster Bones ·
Thanks! LOL That's a great description.
Juan Guillermo Castro ·
Oh dude... I'm totally coping this EDC! It's awesome...
Rod Gray ·
Your Chris Reeve Inkosi in the post Titanium Goodness, appears to have a different, darker finish than any I have seen. Is it different or is it just the lighting of the image? Thanks. (I apologize for the duplicate message on your page)