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Zootility Tools WildCard

Bernard Capulong
Zootility Tools WildCard

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The card tool experts at Zootility Tools are back on Kickstarter with their most ambitious tool yet — the WildCard. After years of development, they’ve designed a properly locking folding knife that fits your wallet. Made from hardened stainless steel and measuring in at a barely-there 2mm thick, the WildCard disappears in your pocket until you need it. Because of how thin credit card knives can be, they’re best suited for light cutting tasks without offering much utility otherwise. Zootility Tools remedy this by building in dedicated tools for driving screws and prying (two things you shouldn’t use your knife to do), a ruled edge, and a signature animal-shaped cutout for opening bottles. Its combo-edge blade can be easily replaced when it gets dull, or removed altogether for a travel-friendly option too. You can slip one of these ultra-slim card knives into your wallet by backing their Kickstarter campaign at the link below.

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Eric Heemstra ·
I own the monkey version which works awesome. This looks like that on steroids. Really cool concept integrating the knife
White Knight ·
Am liking the blade closure system. Well done, sir! Wolf opener a howl too. Maybe it could have more built in tools in addition to the prybar, driver and ruler? I often need an awl, cross-head, wire-cutter etc, that I'm certain could have been wangled in. But a groovy design as it is.