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Tactile Turn Gist

Ed Jelley
Tactile Turn Gist

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If you want the absolutely smoothest pen to write with, chances are you’d have to reach for a fountain pen. The problem with those, though, is that they’re usually too delicate to keep in your pocket. The new Tactile Turn Gist was designed with EDC in mind to be a smooth fountain pen that you can carry with confidence. It’s available in either a lightweight polycarbonate or an even more durable solid metal body, complete with metal accents and grip. When in use, the threaded cap securely posts on the end of the body for balance, comfort and convenience. The pen’s most unique feature is the Tactile Turn signature ridged pattern. It spans the entire pen, giving you superb grip and control. An included ink converter, sturdy pocket clip, and many other features make it a truly pocket-friendly fountain pen. Ditch your scratchy pen for something smoother. Get the Gist in your favorite body/nib configuration at the Kickstarter below.

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Steve Jackson ·
I have been carrying a Kaweco sport - just a plastic one- and have never had am issue. I should imagine their metal bodied pens are bomb proof