Version 2.0 of my EDC

Francis Nguyen
Pharmacist (age 31)
Perth, Western Australia
Now slimmed down the wallet and carry much less. Its like the wallet is not even there. The Jawbone Up2 is a replacement for the Up24 that died. I now have an excellent key organiser that also has a knife and bottle opener in the form of the Titanium Mini Q from Quiet Carry. Well worth the extra price and much better than the KeySmart 2.0.

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Francis Nguyen ·
Hi Sean! Well it's been great and light so far. It is indeed RFID blocking, and I can only fit five cards in it which are essential. If u can fit less do it, cause u have to remove the cards if u want full access to the coin pocket. I take all cards out and stack them with the wallet, then shake the coins out. That way you don't dangerously leave your cards on the counter where you can forget them, or something like that. With five cards, you will find that the cards stick out of the wallet 2-3mm. To me this is no biggie. With these drawbacks you learn to keep on clearing your wallet and change every evening and this makes it habit-forming to get rid of or store receipts and notes and coins. I work in retail so I just ask my boss to watch me while I change my coins for notes. Cash compartment is secure. I haven't lost anything yet. But for good habits, place the obvious smaller notes on display on the outside so prying eyes won't lead to temptation for dodgy people.

Hope that helps.
Finkle Einhorn ·
I've been eyeing the Natsu wallet since it's been introduced to Kickstarter, but I never made the move to back it. I already have a Dash Wallet, but I would like to have a back-up wallet in the case something happens to this one. How do you like your Natsu wallet? Are there any drawbacks to the function or design at all?

Thanks, Francis :).

- Sean