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From clicking pens to twirling coins around our fingers, we’ve been fidgeting our whole lives, usually without realizing it. We fidget as a way of maintaining focus during deep thought or simply as a form of stress relief. There’s something innately satisfying about audible mechanical clicks and the tactile feel that comes with them. Project Ratchet saw the benefits of a fidget tool that’s both tactile and wearable, with the added bonus of being discreet. After over one and a half years of development involving multiple engineers, manufacturers, and CNC-machined prototypes, the Ratchet Ring was born.

Turn the Ratchet Ring, and it rewards you with just the right amount of resistance, leading up to a satisfying click you can both hear and feel. Project Ratchet has spent countless hours making sure they’ve found the right balance between tactility and discretion, allowing you to play around with it wherever you are, whether in a conference meeting or on the commute home. Its universal-sized dimensions mean you can wear the ring on more than just one finger, which opens up creative ways to use it. At just 2.8mm thin, you won’t have to worry about it snagging on your clothing or getting in the way of daily activities like driving or picking up your coffee mug.

The Ratchet Ring has been machined with extreme precision, with Project Ratchet ensuring that the parts are as tightly fit together as possible, creating the best tactile feeling possible. Crafted entirely in grade 2 titanium, the Ratchet Ring is designed for longevity, no matter how many clicks you put it through. Each ring turn gives back a feeling of mechanical quality, which is rare in other products within the same niche.

We’ve featured fidget toys on the site before, but the Ratchet Ring has the advantage of being wearable, meaning it’s instantly accessible at any time, anywhere. If that appeals to you as much as it does to us, then you can check out their already-funded campaign at the link below.

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