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No matter what your profession might be or what your daily tasks are for the day, adding a pen to your EDC is an easy way to step up your utility. By themselves pens are already useful for jotting down information and ideas, but features like sturdy construction and premium materials is an added bonus on top. Ridge’s new Bolt Action Pen ticks all these boxes and more, and features high-quality construction, a fun deployment mechanism, and a smooth writing experience fit for every EDC.

You get to choose between two resilient materials for Ridge’s Bolt Action Pen: durable 6061 aluminum for a lighter option on both your pocket and your wallet, and titanium for a premium and collectible alternative. Regardless of the material you choose, the Ridge Bolt Action Pen was designed with balance in mind: the weight of all its components have been evenly distributed throughout the pen for a more comfortable writing experience.

Another point of interest is the deployment mechanism. It features an L-shaped bolt action deployment which reduces the chances of accidental activation inside your pockets. The bolt-action mechanism also serves for a fun fidgeting experience for folks with busy hands, or as a focal point to help you concentrate if you’re easily distracted.

Activating the bolt deploys the pen’s pressurized ballpoint refill. This unique refill helps lay down lines no matter the working conditions. It lets you write on wet paper, dirty surfaces, or even really low or high temperatures. A knurled textured grip section towards the tip helps you even further with grip in rough conditions.

Finally, when it comes to everyday carry, the Bolt Action Pen features a manganese spring steel clip. Couple that with the pen’s 5.3“ length and you have a pocketable and robust writing tool always within reach. Check it out in its two versions at the link below.

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