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After introducing their Beveled Ring Sets in metal and carbon fiber last year, The Ridge is expanding the Ridge Rings collection with a new set of colored rings; this time made purely from silicone. Since they’re comfortable and lightweight while remaining durable, silicone rings have been a popular choice for EDCers over the years, especially those working in more physically demanding environments or activities. The Ridge Silicone Rings are meant to be worn anywhere and anytime, whether hiking, biking, working out, or working hard, all while still being made and guaranteed to the highest possible standards of quality and ownership.

The Ridge Silicone Rings are made from the highest quality 850A silicone: soft, flexible, and resistant to heat, water, and abrasion, and can maintain its shape even while free-standing. Unlike metal rings, silicone rings are safer to wear in situations where your fingers might get caught or injured. The last thing you want is to wear a solid metal ring when working with heavy machinery or lifting big at the gym. They also come in a variety of colors and sizes, so you can choose the one that suits your personality and preference.

Each Ridge Silicone Ring set comes with two rings: one with the outer silicone matching the title color with an inner black band, and a second ring with a black outer band and a grey inner band. This allows you to pick a bright color like Basecamp Orange for maximum visibility while switching to the more discreet Royal Black when the need arises. The inner part of each ring with the Ridge logo and etched pattern (a nice hidden detail) is compression-molded, while the outer ring is formed with liquid silicone injection. And while designed to be impervious to the elements, each set comes with a hard travel case that keeps your rings safe and stored when not in use.

You can choose between two different widths of 6mm or 8mm. The 6mm width is ideal for those with smaller digits who prefer a sleek and minimalist look, while the 8mm width is more bold and noticeable. Like their metal counterparts, the rings come with a beveled edge that not only adds some flair and sophistication to the ring but makes them comfortable to wear as well.

Ridge’s Silicone Rings arrive in Alpine Navy, Gunmetal, Basecamp Orange, and Matte Olive, with the aforementioned Royal Black as an inclusion with every set (if you opt for Royal Black, it will come with two rings, one each with a gray and black inner band). These colors are inspired by The Ridge’s current offerings, so you can match colors of your current Ridge gear, or mix it up to create your own unique style.

Like the Ridge Beveled Rings, each Ridge Silicone Ring set comes with a lifetime warranty and Never Lost & Forever Fit protection. You’ll get the option of two future exchanges for the same ring in the same or different size if you happen to outgrow or lose them.

They’re available at $65 per set, and the Ridge Silicone Rings are perfect for anyone who lives an active life without compromising style or comfort. Pick a color and grab yours at the link below.

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