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The Ridge Beveled Ring Sets

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Chris Van Hoven
The Ridge Beveled Ring Sets

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Throughout history, wedding bands have represented an unbreakable bond of lifelong love and commitment. But modern traditions need modern symbols, and The Ridge knows a thing or two about making things last forever. They’ve taken the mastery of materials and engineering we’ve seen in their previous products, like the Ridge Wallet, and applied it to an often overlooked item that many EDCers wear every day: the wedding ring. The new Ridge Beveled Ring Sets bring function and form to this everyday staple with a premium metal band that’s built to last, an included silicone ring, and a lifetime warranty with loss and size protection–The Ridge’s commitment to honor yours.

A Stratified Solution

Like the rest of The Ridge’s gear, it all starts with an original, purpose-driven design. Select rings feature a unique dual-layer design with mixed material construction to deliver both durability and comfort. The outer layer comes with a beveled edge for a refined look and a comfortable fit free of sharp edges. The high-polished inner layer matches that comfort with a convex shape to ensure a secure fit that won’t slip or pinch. The Ridge developed this dual-layer design not only for comfort, but also to achieve an ideal blend of materials resulting in stylish, premium exteriors with a robust and rigid core.

The Ridge Beveled Ring Sets come in three main materials—tungsten, carbon fiber, and titanium—to make up eight styles in the collection. You can choose Black, Navy, Gunmetal, or 24 Karat Gold PVD-applied tungsten carbide rings, Carbon Fiber 3K and Forged Carbon rings with a carbon fiber overlay and tungsten steel interior, as well as solid Burnt Titanium and Stonewashed Titanium rings, each designed to cater to an individual’s taste and style.

Practical, Not Precious

These premium materials not only won’t break, but they won’t break the bank either, unlike traditional wedding rings. You’ll commonly find wedding bands made from precious metals like gold or platinum, but as symbols of eternal love, those soft, expensive metals are less than ideal. They’re prone to fading in color over time, picking up scratches easily, bending out of shape, and sometimes causing allergic reactions in people with sensitive skin.

The tungsten carbide, tungsten steel, and solid titanium found in the Ridge Beveled Rings stand up better to everyday wear and tear for years to come. Tungsten is scratch-resistant and won’t bend as easily as precious metals. It’s durable enough to use in rocket engine nozzles, so you can trust it’s strong enough on your finger. Tungsten’s shine also won’t fade, so it’ll retain its luster long after your big day. Titanium is also an excellent material for a wedding band. It’s a material found everywhere from fighter jets to high-end EDC gear, as it’s highly corrosion resistant with a strength-to-weight ratio that bests stainless steel. Last but not least, carbon fiber offers a featherlight, comfortable wearing experience with a unique visual texture and a low-profile appeal that doesn’t sacrifice durability.

A Two-Ring Set for Every Occasion

While these metal rings are designed to withstand any occasion, it doesn’t always mean they’re suitable for every occasion. That’s why The Ridge includes an additional dual-band silicone ring for you to wear whenever safety and comfort are a priority. Slip on the silicone ring whenever you’re getting your hands dirty at the job site, working up a sweat at the gym, or exploring the great outdoors.

The Ridge designed the silicone ring to take a beating while remaining extremely comfortable. With a metal ring and silicone ring in each box, the Ridge Beveled Ring Set is about unique versatility and value–business and casual, work and play.

A Perfect Fit for Life

Whether you’re buying for the first time or years after your big day, making sure your ring fits perfectly is critical, but tricky (The Ridge makes this easier with this handy Ring Size Chart). Like the rest of your EDC gear, dialing in the perfect fit for your ring is an important decision. That rings true, especially for men who may wear it as their only piece of jewelry, but one they wear daily for years. You may also be concerned about investing in a ring that, due to the nature of its rigid materials, cannot be resized and may no longer be a perfect fit in the future.

Commitments can be scary, and as you make your lifelong vows, The Ridge is making theirs. In addition to offering a wide range of sizes, they back each Beveled Ring Set purchase with a 99-day risk-free trial, lifetime warranty, and Never Lost & Forever Fit protection. You’ll get the option of two future exchanges for the same ring in the same or different size. So as life goes on and you find that The Ridge Ring no longer fits as comfortably as it used to, or even if you lose it entirely, The Ridge has you covered.

With their sleek and functional designs, premium materials that last, and an all-encompassing loss protection and resizing program, The Ridge Beveled Ring Set makes for a perfect companion on your most important adventure yet.

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