RovyVon Aurora A5x/A7x 7075 Version

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Believe it or not, you can actually carry a feature-packed, high-powered flashlight right on your keys these days. RovyVon’s A-series flashlights have earned their seat on the throne as kings of keychain carry thanks to their impressive output, versatile side lights, modern features like electronic side switches and USB-recharging, all in a durable yet lightweight form factor. The popular A5x and A7x just got refreshed with new features in the business end, sporting a lighter weight aluminum bezel to shave grams off and a new light orange peel reflector for better beam optics as well. If you’ve been wanting to downsize your EDC light to something as portable as possible, or you’re looking for a backup light that punches above its weight, don’t miss these new lights from RovyVon.

The A5x and A7x are standouts in the Aurora collection thanks to their unique translucent shells mixed with glow in the dark powder. This allows them to both utilize the side lights that come with the models as well as retain part of the light once turned off in unique glow colors. This is where some of the upgrades in the 7075 version lie–where the original A5x came in green GITD and the A7x in blue, this current iteration comes with vibrant new options in Sky Blue and Purple for the A5x, and Ice Blue for the A7x.

The “7075” in the name refers to the other major upgrade for the series: the use of 7075 aluminum for the lights’ bezels. This gives the lights a light (but strong) head to protect their internals, and keeping the weight down to 0.529 ounces. Also housed within this new aluminum head is a new LOP (light orange peel) reflector, giving the lights a stronger hotspot + spill to maximize their output compared to the more area-oriented lighting of the original TIR lens.

Speaking of output, the lights come with a max of 650 lumens by way of a CREE XP-G3 emitter for the front LED, with the side lights coming in a couple of versatile combos: 5000K neutral white LEDs + 365nm UV (RovyVon notes that on these lights this UV beam is not able to check counterfeit banknotes because the GITD shell blocks the wavelength) or 5000K neutral white LEDs and a red signal light. The UV option is great for charging the shells of the lights themselves, or your other EDC gear with luminescent paint that can be charged, like glow fobs or watches.

Each light comes 330mAh lithium-polymer battery that can be fully charged via a built-in micro USB port in 90 minutes. For carry options you have either a detachable clip ideal for attaching onto a hat or other gear, or a hand strap for security during use. Take your pick of RovyVon’s new Auroras at the links below.

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