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For many people in the EDC knife community, being able to own a unique limited edition blade designed by a custom knifemaker is the stuff of dreams. Aside from the price of some of those knives, we tend to find out about an interesting knife that you want to add to your collection after they’re already sold out and out of production, especially when it comes to exclusive blades made only in small batches. You have to be in the know at the right time, and we’re here to do that for you today with an opportunity to pick up one or more world-class designs by award-winning fabricator Lance Abernathy and his company Sniper Bladeworks based out of Kansas City.

They’re coming out with a brand new set of five tactical fixed blade knives and folders themed as the “2020: Reload” collection with superior “pistol grip” ergonomics and an overbuilt design language that makes them ready to take on all missions regardless of size. And because they’re only making 555 of each knife, all signed and numbered by the maker, and made available only through their Kickstarter page, if you want one of these knives you’re going to have to reserve one as soon as possible because supplies won’t last. To help you out in your decision, we’ll run down the models that are available for purchase and talk about why you should consider adding them to your own everyday carry.


The Dashi was designed as a small and concealable knife for undercover Air Marshals with rescue tool features for emergency applications. It features black PVD-finished 1095 steel fashioned into a shape reminiscent of a Japanese kiridashi utility knife (hence the name). The handle is built with a close up choke grip in mind, letting you get a full grip on the blade despite its small 7.52″ overall length. Its overbuilt nature allows it to be used to pry, and the strong point of the knife excels at piercing through hard materials. The skeletonized handle is actually cut in a way that the blade itself can be used as a wrench, and the top blade catcher also acts as an additional grip surface with its jimping.


If you’re a fan of cleaver style folding knives but you’re skeptical about the strength of some of what’s available, you should take a look at the DMF. With a chunky 8.38″ overall length and a hefty weight of 0.6 lbs, the DMF is a folding cleaver knife built for all your chopping tasks. It starts with the heavy duty premium 6Al4V titanium frame lock paired with a stainless Damasteel blade. The handle of the knife is fashioned into Sniper Bladeworks’ signature ergonomic pistol grip design that’s further enhanced by the use of grippy G10 handle scales on one side for additional control even when your hands get wet.

LPC (Lance Personal Carry)

Think of the LPC (the Lance Personal Carry) as a bowie-style knife made for the tactical needs of the modern user. Opened via the right-handed thumbstud, the LPC presents a curved design that allows for a comfortable close-up grip on the knife that you normally don’t get from knives with a clip point bowie-style blade. And the 3.5″ blade on the LPC features premium S30V stainless steel and an extended belly in the edge of the blade that makes it great for slicing as well as piercing tasks thanks to the sharp pointed tip. This is a big knife made for big tasks, and the 6Al4V titanium frame lock built to exacting standards ensures zero blade play at all while engaged. After you’re done using the knife, fold it up and carry it tip up with the durable pocket clip.


The MAMU is built as a premier outdoors survival field knife, and it was even used in a Discovery Channel show showcasing what it can do under pressure. It has a big 11.68″ overall length, which is important when this knife can end up being your one and only tool available to you in a disaster. But despite that size, the injection-molded sheath affords numerous carry options and a positive retention that makes it easy to carry.  The pistol grip G10 handle is thicker than you might expect, something that’s good to have when you’re having to whack away at brush on a frequent basis. It also helps prevent you from hurting yourself on your own blade if you attempt to pierce through tough material with it in hand. And with its full-tang 1095 steel construction, you’ll be able to perform those tasks with confidence.


The Smatchet is a vintage Second World War design that’s been updated with modern technology and premium materials. As the name might imply, this is intended to be a close-quarters combination of a sword, machete, and hatchet all in one. The large 15.47″ overall length lets you reach out in an emergency situation, and it also works well as a bushcraft knife when you’re trying to blaze a trail out in the wilderness. High-end Smatchets are rarely produced, and fewer so with the exacting attention to detail involved with this particular edition, so if you’re interested in having a blade like this in your collection you’re going to want to jump on this opportunity.

As previously mentioned, only 555 of each of these blades are being made, and they’re being made available through reservation on Kickstarter. If you are interested in one or more of these blades, make a pledge and reserve one of these today before they’re gone. To sweeten the deal, for the next 24 hours there’s a 10% discount on all sales for the first day of the Kickstarter launch. Click the link below and secure these one-of-a-kind knives for yourself today.

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