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Even though we’ve all been trapped at home during the past year, that doesn’t mean we can’t find simple pleasures in the nearby spaces available to us. Whether that’s your own backyard, a quiet park, or for the lucky few, actual access to the great outdoors, now more than ever is a great time to celebrate the joys of offline and outside. And to help with the festivities, Snow Peak invites you to their second annual At Home Campout, a weekend dedicated to love of camping and the outdoors.

Registered participants will also get access to exclusive content from Snow Peak, including gear insights, recipes, and activities on social media. Snow Peak are already known for making some of the best camping gear on the market—with some of our favorites below—the event also features a capsule collection of customized gear for a good cause. Anyone, anywhere can join in the fun and participate in the campout however they choose—there’s no wrong way to camp at home—so get started by checking out our quick gear roundup below and signing up for the event before it comes around on Memorial Day Weekend , May 28-31.

Takibi Fire and Grill Collection

The heart of a camp is its fire, and the Takibi Fire and Grill collection offers outdoor dining and fireside products to make your next cookout a memorable one. You have a choice between three sizes of portable cooking platform, from the sturdy stainless steel Field Oven to the five-piece Fire and Grill set, to a couple of compact sizes for the smaller grill set. Each piece of the collection is designed to work with other while also offering different cooking and dining options, so a good fire and a good meal is always within reach.

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Tsuzumi Bottle

The Tsuzumi Bottle is Snow Peak’s take on the vacuum-insulated stainless steel bottle, and it’s able to maintain your beverage’s temperature for up to six hours. The 350 ml stainless steel, polypropylene, and silicone bottle comes with an ergonomic design and an easy grip, while built in a size ideal for travel to your next adventure.

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Titanium Spork

Titanium utensils are a boon for your camping kit thanks to their light weight, hypoallergenic properties, and corrosion resistance. Snow Peak’s Titanium Spork is designed in Japan using a historic manufacturing process, and gives you the gift of eats in a convenient and compact package barely tipping the scales at 0.6 ounces.. Check it out four titanium colorways at the link below.

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Wabuki Chopsticks

If chopsticks are your preferred utensil, Snow Peak’s Wabuki Chopsticks add a sleek style and thoughtful combination of materials to your eating kit. The bamboo and stainless steel pair is designed in Japan and built for easy stowing alongside any meal, from office lunches to campsite consumptions. The chopsticks come with collapsible construction for ease of carry, along with a carrying case to keep them close at hand, ready for your next meal.

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From picking up top tier camping gear to add to your adventure ensemble or participating in Snow Peak’s weekend to remind us of simple joys for camping and the outdoors, there’s plenty to do this coming Memorial Day Weekend. Check out Snow Peak’s gear using the links above, and sign up and learn more about their At Home Campout event at the link below.

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