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You already know Stanly for their top-notch jugs, tumblers, and water bottles, but their new IceFlow Flip Straw Collection comes with a unique feature worth a look for your next EDC bottle. The Flip Straw is a new leak-proof lid which features a built-in straw. You can literally turn it upside-down and no water will spill out, thanks to a sturdy, sealing design. You can confidently carry any one of these containers inside your bag without worrying about spills all over your valuables, while still having a convenient way to drink at a moment’s notice.

The thoughtful features that you may be familiar with from other Stanley models are all present with this collection. All bottles are made out of food-grade 18/8 stainless steel for outstanding durability. They also come with a double-walled vacuum insulation to maintain your beverages cold for hours (or iced for days). All of them also include a wide handle that’s easy and comfortable to grab so you can stay hydrated on the go.

The collection features three different designs, each one in two different sizes, and each one designed for different needs: First, you have the IceFlow Flip Straw Jugs. These are the most spacious containers in the collection, available in both 40 and 64 oz. They’re designed for when you want to keep a lot of water around you, whether you’re exercising or expect a long day on the move. These are great for training, beach days, hiking, and road trips. These are available in three different colors and feature an extra fence hook in the handle.

You also have the IceFlow Flip Straw Tumblers. These are the middle-of-the-road containers when it comes to capacity in 20 and 30oz. If you still want to carry a considerable amount of water but also value practicality and portability, these are the tumblers for you. They’re also cup-holder friendly, able to fit in cars, treadmills, and spin bikes. Aside from their increased portability, they’re available in a full range of colors.

Last but not least are the IceFlow Flip Straw Water Bottles. They’re the smallest containers in the collection, featuring 17 and 22oz options, but streamlined for everyday carry. Thanks to their size, these will fit in most EDC bags’ water bottle pocket. Take it with you for your daily commute, for hydration at the office, or for early morning jogging. Their reduced size also means reduced weight, which could come in handy in for hiking or where space and weight is at a premium. These are available in 5 different colors.

All plastic parts from the collection are made using recycled plastics from discarded fishing nets, preventing nearly 100 pounds of waste entering water per every 1,000 bottles manufactured. This way you’re not only helping yourself to a solid new EDC bottle, but also giving the environment a hand. Pick out your choice from the IceFlow Flip Straw Collection at the link below.

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