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Keys can get messy inside your pockets. They might jingle around, get caught with other gear and sometimes even hurt you or make you uncomfortable when they move to the wrong position. One of the best answers for this issue is using a key organizer like the KeyBar JR. It sets itself apart with its simple design and durable body. Made in the USA, the KeyBar JR is composed of two plates made from aircraft grade aluminum, making it suitable to withstand heavy duty daily use other organizers would shy away from. These aluminum plates are held together by two screws at either end, and hold washers and o-rings to help you post your keys and adjust tension. The KeyBar JR, as its name suggests, is a smaller, more compact version of the original KeyBar, measuring a little over 3“ and weighing less than 2 oz. Out of the box, it can hold 4-5 keys, with an extension screw set that allows you to hold up to 28 Keys. Speaking of accessories, KeyBar has a lot of compatible inserts to add even more utility, like a flash drive, a bottle opener, and a screwdriver insert. Consolidate your keys with the KeyBar JR which you can pick up at the link below.

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