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What once was a staple in classic gents’ carries, the humble handkerchief is one of the most versatile yet underutilized essentials you can carry. Given their usefulness, it’s unfortunate that fewer and fewer handkerchiefs are finding their way into EDCers’ pockets. Superesse aims to fix that with their feature-packed survival handkerchiefs designed and built with everyday carry in mind. But Superesse’s goal of finding utility in overlooked places doesn’t end with hanks—they also repurpose pocket-friendly tin boxes into versatile emergency kits for different survival situations. Even if you feel you’ve got your core EDC dialed in, chances are there’s a hank or tin that for your carry that can make you that much more prepared.

The Superesse DC Survival Handkerchief’s smart features firmly place it a cut above your grandfather’s standard hanky, but it will serve you well even if all you end up doing is wipe your nose with it. Unlike the traditional linen or cotton cloth construction of the regular handkerchief, the DC Survival Hanky is made of lightweight technical rip-stop nylon fabric. The fabric itself is burnproof to 800ºF, cut resistant, and even offers shielding from an EMP with its Faraday cage-like properties. It also has a pocket built in that lets you use it as a stuff sack for the gear that normally flops around in your pockets or your bag. The hook and loop closure and 550 paracord pull cinch ensures items won’t fall out of it as you carry it around. In a pinch, that paracord can also serve as kindling when removed from the hanky. And the hanky itself works well with all the improvised survival uses that a good handkerchief can serve. For example, it’s a good tourniquet in times of trouble, a filter for 1 micron particulates in water when you’re outdoors, and a shield for your face when the wind gets too rough.

If you’re looking to expand the things you can do with the gear you place inside of the handkerchief, Superesse also sells a set of curated EDC Pocket Tins, with a myriad of variants for the mission you have in mind. Think of it as a pocket mint EDC carryall that already has the gear you need inside of it. One variant focuses on emergency fire starting, with water and windproof matches and kindling. Another comes with useful repair tools for mending clothes and outdoor equipment. Continuing the survival theme, there’s a tin with everything you need to make an improvised fishing line and even one that includes life-saving potassium iodine and a radiation dosimeter for when things have gone truly south. You can even custom outfit a tin with gear and keep it on you at all times in a perfectly sized Kydex sheath belt clip for ease of carry.

The sheer versatility of the DC Survival Handkerchief and the plethora of EDC Pocket Tins available make them a solid choice if you’re looking for new, compact, unique gear to add to your personal everyday carry. And for a limited time, you can save 10 dollars off your purchase by using the link below. Mix and match to your heart’s desire, and spice up your EDC today with a handkerchief and a pocket tin of your own.

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