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Titanium bodied pens are well suited for everyday carry because they offer superior strength and durability especially when you compare them to the cheap pens that most people have in their pockets nowadays. And they do this while being a lot lighter than a pen made out of steel or brass. But when you look at the titanium pens available, they tend to all be bright and flashy, with shiny surfaces and complicated body work that makes them stand out in your hand or on your desk. If you’ve been looking for an elegant and low profile option for everyday carry, our friends at Tactile Turn have you covered with their new Stealth bolt action pen which is specifically built around remaining undetected.

In designing the Stealth, Tactile Turn took their inspiration and naming from stealth technology and aircraft design. The end result is a sleek and slim bolt action pen with an understated look and a smooth deployment that’s practical and a joy to use day in and day out. The body of the pen is made out of precision-machined titanium that’s been treated with an ultra-tough black DLC coating on both the body and the clip. The bolt offers a bright contrast to the design, making it easy for you to identify and actuate without being too loud in the mix.

The clip is also built to stand up to the test of time, with added embellishment in the form of a low-profile digital camouflaged pattern and a radar icon. A further optional extra is the ability to add a luminous tritium finial at the top of the pen that’s typically found in high-end watches and flashlights but will help you find the pen in a dimly-lit room or a dark bag when you need it.

The Stealth is available in three different sizes, with the larger Standard (5.6″) and Short (5.1″) both compatible with Parker-style pen refills. The Standard comes equipped with the venerable Pilot G2 0.7mm gel ink refill, while the Short comes with the well-respected Schmidt EasyFlow 9000 medium point refill. The Mini edition of the pen is substantially smaller at 4.4″ long, making it the most pocketable of the trio, and that comes with the special Pilot G2 Mini refill with an 0.7mm point.

As the team at Tactile Turn are comprised of pen enthusiasts, they have an extensive list of refills that work with their pens, and even the dimensions by which you might have to modify and cut down the refills that don’t fit, in case you prefer them instead.

For all its low profile aspects, the team behind Tactile Turn put a lot into the Stealth bolt action pen, making it one of their most special seasonal releases to date. With the Stealth, they’ve been able to show the best of what they have to offer, and the end result is a beautiful and elegant pen that you can pass on down the line. While the Stealth is a seasonal release, it isn’t a limited one, so you have the chance to order one for yourself until December 31st at the link below.

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