The Drop: CIVIVI Vision FG Damascus Knife

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It’s a big EDC market out there, and tons of awesome gear is released all the time. We made The Drop to help you discover the latest and greatest essentials worth a spot in your EDC.

This knife has been making waves among enthusiasts, and we can see why. The CIVIVI Vision FG is an impressive piece of craftsmanship with a Damascus reverse tanto blade, an innovative mechanism, and an ivory-colored G-10 handle.

The Vision FG has multiple variants, but this model’s highlight is the 3.54” Damascus steel blade, which has a distinctive wave-like pattern. Damascus steel is created by forging different types of steel in layers, creating a strong and durable blade with a sharp edge. The base materials of the Damascus steel used in this knife are 10Cr15CoMov steel in its core with 316 and 5Cr15Mov steel in layers. Yup, this is the real deal. The result is a beautiful and unique blade that cuts great right out of the box, with a hardness of 58-60 HRC.

The blade shape of the Vision FG is a reverse tanto, which means that the blade’s spine curves down to meet the edge at a sharp angle. This gives the blade a sleek and aggressive look and a strong tip for piercing and slicing. The blade can be opened manually with a thumb stud on either side, making it easy for left and right-hand users.

Its locking mechanism is another highlight. The Superlock mechanism is an innovative, user-friendly design allowing easy, one-handed operation. A metal bar slides along the handle’s spine and locks into place when the blade is opened. To close the knife, simply press down on the bar and fold it back into the handle. The Superlock is ambidextrous and secure, preventing accidental closure or opening of the blade.

The Vision FG’s handle is made of G10, a popular material used in knife handles for its lightweight, durable, and grippy properties. Its ivory color contrasts nicely with the unique patterns of the blade. The handle has skeletonized cutouts that reduce the knife’s weight and add visual flair. The result is a comfortable ergonomic shape that fits well in the hand while weighing just 4.35 oz. or 123.4 grams. A tip-up ambidextrous clip on the handle can be attached to either side with flat countersunk screws.

What we like: Despite coming from WE Knife Co.’s “budget” brand, the Vision FG punches way above its weight thanks to CIVIVI’s choice of materials and excellent build quality.

What to watch out for: This variant, in particular, is quickly becoming a fan favorite, so grab one while you can.

Final verdict: The CIVIVI Vision FG Damascus is a stunning pocket knife offering a surprisingly affordable style, performance, and innovation package.

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