The Drop: Gerber Blackout Multi-tools

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It’s a big EDC market out there, and tons of awesome gear is released all the time. We made The Drop to help you discover the latest and greatest essentials worth a spot in your EDC.

The beauty of a multi-tool for everyday carry is being able to have the ability to tackle complicated tasks without having to lug around a bulk set of dedicated tools around with you. But it’s essential to carry the right multi-tool. An excellent multi-tool has the necessary functions, reliability, and capability to perform up to your standards. Gerber makes exceptional contenders for EDC, and they’re back in black for those looking for a stealthier setup. The Dual-Force is the tool of choice for anyone who needs a great pair of pliers in their EDC, and the Center-Drive Rescue is the best choice for anyone who works in EMS or wants to prepare for emergencies.

The Gerber Dual-Force is a pliers-style multi-tool that focuses on delivering the best plier jaws you can have in a compact EDC package. Its standout feature is a pair of foldable two-position slip joint pliers with extra-large teeth and a blunt construction jaw that grips tightly to fasteners. And unlike the standard pair of slip-joint pliers you might have in your tool chest at home or in your truck, this one comes with an outboard 3.25″ plain edge knife, a saw, and a center-drive bit-holding screwdriver all in one convenient and easy-to-carry tool.

Next is the Center-Drive Rescue, a revamped version of Gerber’s Center-Drive featuring different tools geared towards first responders and emergency use. For example, it has an outbound strap cutter that’s deployable with a single hand. The Rescue’s sheath is compatible with MOLLE and Berry gear mounting systems, integrating well with an already-established EDC loadout. Of course, the namesake bit-holding screwdriver remains, designed to make it easier to use and get into tricky spots while still being fully compatible with standard bits, including the 13 it comes with. Last but not least are the pliers, which are deployed with a push system that helps prevent accidental openings like you would in a standard butterfly-style tool.

What we like: Two of Gerber’s most popular and useful multi-tools in blackout colorways.

What to watch out for: The Dual-Force forgoes the needle-nose linesman pliers design of other multi-tools and instead adopts a more traditional slip-joint plier head. The Center-Drive Rescue‘s strap cutter will excel at cutting through thin webbing and nylon seatbelts, not thick rope.

Final verdict: Gerber’s Dual-Force and Center-Drive Rescue are great options for EDCing a multi-tool. Gerber stands by the design and craftsmanship of their tools with a lifetime warranty, and countless EDCers rely on their tools daily.

Check Out the Dual-Force

Check Out the Center-Drive Rescue

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