The Drop: Leatherman Bolster Multi-tool

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It’s a big EDC market out there, and tons of awesome gear is released all the time. We made The Drop to help you discover the latest and greatest essentials worth a spot in your EDC.

If you’re looking to add a multi-tool to your everyday carry, Leatherman is one of the best brands you should look at. That’s for a good reason: they have made some of the best and most iconic plier-style multitools for decades. Their flagship Wave+ is one of the most carried EDC tools, and the rest of their product line also deserves your attention. Take their brand new Bolster, one of the lightest plier-style multi-tools you can carry today. By paring things down to the essentials, Leatherman has managed to lighten the load with the Bolster and lower the entry price for someone looking to pick up their first good plier-style multitool for everyday carry.

And even if the Bolster won’t be your first EDC multitool, that weight savings is nothing to scoff at. Where the Leatherman Wave+ tips the scales at 8.5 ounces, the brand-new Bolster comes in at just 5.9. It does this while providing you the same quality core experience EDCers have come to expect from Leatherman, with some upgrades you can’t find on the flagship model. For example, the Bolster comes with an integrated pocket clip for carry convenience without a sheath if you don’t want to use the one included in the box. The pliers feature spring action for better ergonomics and less hand strain when doing frequent repetitive tasks with the jaws or the integrated wire cutters.

While the Bolster is a lightweight knife, its spec sheet is not light in capability. You can use it to take on all your daily tasks, big or small. And that includes its full-size 420HC stainless steel outboard locking and folding plain-edge knife. You can even open it with a single hand with the manual eyehole opening cut into the blade without having to unfold the knife, thanks to its placement on the outboard portion of the Bolster. For rough material, there’s a smaller serrated blade made of 420HC. The Bolster comes with 13 tools, including the standard set of flathead and Philips drivers you would expect, and can and bottle openers for your outdoor adventures from the trailhead to the tailgate party.

What we like: Leatherman has pared down what makes a good EDC plier-style multi-tool to the essentials with their brand-new Bolster. Along with its lighter weight, it comes with some quality-of-life improvements that make it an exciting choice for someone looking for a plier-style multitool for everyday carry. Its extremely competitive price even matches its weight, at $59.95.

What to watch out for: If you opt for the Bolster as your main Leatherman, you may miss a few things. For example, the Bolster is incompatible with the extensive Leatherman bits (and the ratcheting attachment) that make the Wave+ so compelling. The wire cutters on the Bolster are also not user-replaceable. But the Bolster is a better carry option if you don’t need those things, and the Wave+ exists for all other needs.

Final verdict: The unique footprint and carry convenience of the Leatherman Bolster make it an excellent choice for any EDC enthusiast looking for their first (or next) plier-style multi-tool. It’s a solid EDC tool with the kind of made-in-the-USA care and attention that sets Leatherman apart.

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