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It’s a big EDC market out there, and tons of awesome gear is released all the time. We made The Drop to help you discover the latest and greatest essentials worth a spot in your EDC.

(Editor’s note 11/13/23: The Hybrid Work Duo is now available and shipping directly from Orbitkey’s main site. The links in this post have been changed to point to the official product category page.)

For digital nomads, it’s essential to keep EDC simple. When items can play more roles than one, including them in our everyday carry is more valuable and practical. That’s why the dual nature of the upcoming Orbitkey Hybrid Work Duo works so well for people who rely on tech on the go. It’s a high-quality laptop sleeve that doubles as a classy and durable desk mat for hybrid remote working conditions, whether at a coworking space, a spot at a local bar or coffee shop, or a desk at home.

The Orbitkey Hybrid Work Duo consists of what they call the Hybrid Laptop Sleeve and the Orbitkey Compendium. It’s a two-part recipe for mobile working success. The Hybrid Laptop Sleeve is as it sounds: a leatherbound laptop sleeve with a unique twist. Once you take your up to 16-inch laptop out of the sleeve, it unfolds to provide you a clean and stable desk mat experience to organize your desk and let you use a mouse too. Alongside the Hybrid Laptop Sleeve is the Orbitkey Compendium, which, like the Hybrid Laptop Sleeve, is made out of vegan leather but also contains an A4 or A5 compatible pocket for a notebook and assorted payment and identification cards.

Each item would work well independently, but both are now available by securing a pledge on Orbitkey’s open Kickstarter. Orbitkey has a long track history of delivering quality everyday carry products to market, and these two items promise to provide the same quality experience that the community has come to expect from Orbitkey.

What we like: Together as the Orbitkey Hybrid Work Duo, the Laptop Sleeve and Compendium come together as a highly practical yet extremely aesthetic work-from-home (or work from anywhere) set of EDC gear.

What to watch out for: Standard crowdfunding disclaimer here, so just be aware of how pledging on Kickstarter works. Because Orbitkey is releasing the Hybrid Work Duo as part of a Kickstarter campaign, you may have to wait longer than traditional gear releases to get these items in your hand. Thankfully Orbitkey has a rich history of designing successful EDC products and delivering on their promises.

Final verdict: If you’re looking to protect and organize your tech every day carry as your work-from-home or work remotely, the Orbitkey Hybrid Work Duo is your faithful companion as you go from place to place.

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