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It’s a big EDC market out there, and tons of awesome gear is released all the time. We made The Drop to help you discover the latest and greatest essentials worth a spot in your EDC.

The venerable fountain pen holds a special place in many an EDC stationery enthusiast’s heart. Aside from being a unique writing tool that stands out from the disposable ball pens everyone else uses, there are a lot of advantages when you choose a fountain pen, especially when it’s well-designed. That’s why Wingback took their time developing and precision machining a fountain pen with smooth writing sessions in mind.

The Wingback Fountain Pen features a wide-diameter barrel with a diamond-knurled grip formed into its metal body. The wide barrel allows you to establish a firm and comfortable grip on the pen. It also helps give the Wingback Fountain Pen more weight in your hand than a plastic disposable pen, which makes for a satisfying feel of quality in your hands.

Whether you pick between the stainless steel, raw brass, titanium, or tungsten-carbide-coated black steel version of the Wingback Fountain Pen, you get a premium Bock iridium fountain pen nib at the tip. Iridium is an upgrade from the standard stainless steel nib and offers more durability when compared to more opulent nibs made of gold. You can also choose the nib size for your pen, from extra fine to double broad, matching your style preferences to the smallest detail.

It’s also easy to use the ink with the pen. It works with cartridges, but the benefit of Wingback’s experience with precision metal machining means that you can use the pen’s body to contain a reservoir of ink using the eyedropper method. Seals built into the metal pen prevent the ink from escaping and making a huge mess.

What we like: One of the benefits of Wingback releasing this pen via Kickstarter is that you get a custom order. You can have Wingbacklaser engrave up to 50 characters of your choice along the length of the pen’s metal barrel to personalize it.

What to watch out for: Standard crowdfunding disclaimer here, so just be aware of how pledging on Kickstarter works. Pursuing a slim and sleek design also means the Wingback Fountain Pen forgoes a pocket clip, meaning the pen does not have a roll stop, so you have to ensure it doesn’t fall off your writing desk.

Final verdict: Wingback is a quality EDC writing implement manufacturer, and they have successfully delivered on Kickstarter before. If you’re willing to wait a bit to get a quality pen that stands out from the crowd, secure a Wingback Fountain Pen for yourself at the link below.

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